Some good old eraser fun combined with multiple content transitions to be found in the DATEAGLE ART site.



Expanding sections bright colours and rotating hover states come together to build this playful site for Changes Melbourne.


Interesting use of 3D transforms on the hover states of Grove Journal creating an environment to explored.

Ori Studio

Dot grids are taken to an extreme with Ori Studios portfolio . Every transition sees the site and images distorted and simplified.

Anne Stiefel

A side bar nav that works as a very clear flag to the current project you are viewing on the portfolio of Anne Stiefel.

Bruno Ferdinand

A long scroll portfolio with colour changing sections and a subtle but lovely rotate on when transiting between sections.

Chen Chen & Kai Williams

The shop for Chen Chen & Kai Williams uses a tight grid and filter style nav alongside blur on transitions to convey the industrial nature of their products.

Dad Agency

This new creative agency caught our eye, not only for having a great URL, but for their bold and playful portfolio site.

The Next Point of View

Check out this fantastic typography demo of a new identity developed for virtual and augmented reality company Gravient.

Ethics For Design

Super interesting interactive video element. Click and drag to resize different videos playing simultaneously.

Martian Flag Assembly

Martian flag assembly showcases seven flag proposals designed by artists around the world. Nice 3D renderings of the flags and smooth transitions in and out of the detailed view.

Malte Zenses

This super simple artist portfolio uses a sideways scroll and click and hold mechanism to show image captions.

Slavs And Tatars

Layering many strands of information and content, Slavs and Tatars utilise micro galleries slide in panels and full page transitions to great effect.

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