Submissions F.A.Q.

Submitting a website.

All the sites that get submitted are reviewed each week, and for every feature we endeavour to credit them properly and with an appropriate shout-out on social-media. So if you are submitting your own website or someone elses, be sure to add the credits with as much info as you can.

How do sites get featured?

Our curation of is subjective to us, generally we look out for websites that are experimenting with design, interactivity and content in in new and interesting ways.

How do I know if my submission is featured?

We will try to do a shout-out on social media, so be sure to follow us on or, and make sure you add the appropriate credits to the submission.

I need to change my credit on a featured site.

Re-submit the site using the form below and let us know that you would like to update the credit in the description. Otherwise, you can email us on